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Born Free 10

This was my first year being invited to build a bike for Born Free. Here is my creation - 1951 Panhead I call the HWY Hustler. This was its first time out of the shop all finished

Hawk's wild Knucklehead. So much chrome and high level craftsmanship. This bike won first place in the builders vote and got a well deserved trip to Mooneyes Yokohama.

Mark Choiniere (aka Paint by Chaka) painting my license plate in the parking lot of the show parking lot. Its chromed with black paint on the low spots on a 1951 CALIF plate. Thanks Scott Pomiere for the plate!

Made it to the grass!

My girl at the booth

Love Cycles stunning recreation on Tom Fugles 1936 EL that he built for his wife in the 60's. Check the photo is the background of her riding it!

Love birds Max and Rachael

Detail of Chris Mumma's Panhead shifter. Sawed off!

I love this knucklehead owned by Cohen from Australia. Its a proper survivor that some talented person put a lot of time into at one point

J Lee's killer crusty chromed out 1948 Pan

Dennis Babin's booth was my favorite. Spencers gifts vibe 

Dayten won 2nd best chopper and some money!